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Rising NFT Artists: Top 10 Talented NFT Creators

The Emergence of Rising NFT Artists

A recent trend that has the art world buzzed is “Rising NFT Artists.” By fusing art and blockchain technology, these artists are at the forefront of producing one-of-a-kind digital artworks called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This movement is about more than just producing digital art. It’s about redefining our perceptions of online art ownership and value. We’ll introduce you to the top 10 NFT artists who are currently creating waves in this industry in this article. Not only is their work fascinating, but it also has a big impact on how digital art will develop in the future. This guide will provide you with a deeper look into the artists and their ground-breaking creations, regardless of whether you’re new to NFTs or an avid fan.

The Web3 market is always changing, whether you’ve realized it or not, so we thought we’d provide you an update on everyone’s background, where they are right now, and an idea of what they’re working on.

Top 10 NFT Artists In 2024

1. Erick Calderon

eric calderon

Current Artwork Value: $106.86Million (54,665.801 ETH)

Snowfro’s journey through art began when his passion for art and technology collided. His curious mind as a child was always looking for new ways to combine these interests, which laid the groundwork for his creative style. Snowfro seized the chance to tokenize his works of art, incorporating a virtual degree of exclusivity and ownership. He converted artwork into digital tokens using blockchain technology, giving collectors access to uncommon and one-of-a-kind digital works.

In the Web3 community, Erick Calderon, also known as Snowfro, is most recognized for creating the generative art platform “Art Blocks” and for his artwork “Chromie Squiggle”. Chromie Squiggle was sold for $13,740(7.029 ETH).

Total Artwork Sold: 7,777

2. Dmitri Cherniak

Dmitri Cherniak rising nft artist

Current Artwork Value: $72.83Million (36,156.118 ETH)

Canadian-born Dmitri Cherniak is a generative artist living in New York City. He started his NFT journey in 2014. He is famous for writing a unique p5js script that is kept on Ethereum via Art Blocks, which produced a unique generation of art automatically. The series is called Ringers, consisting of 1,000 NFTS of different combos of strings and pegs to create unique geometric artworks.

Ringers #879, (known as “the Goose” due to its uncanny likeness to the animal) sold for $6.2 million on June 15, 2023. It is the highest art sold by Dmitri.

Total Artworks Sold: 924

3. Xcopy

Xcopy rising nft artist

Current Artwork Value: $68.43Million (33,986.815 ETH)

Digital artist XCOPY is an unknown London-based artist of the NFT community. His delivery of thought-provoking words and glitch art is exceptional. He has sold art for millions without even revealing his identity. 

The highest sold art is “All-Time High in the City”, sold for $ 3.28 million (1,630 ETH). His recent art “DISORDER” was sold for $394.93K on May 2, 2023.

Total Artworks Sold: 9,582

4. Matt Deslauriers

Matt Deslauriers rising nft artist

Current Artwork Value: $35.71Million (17,747.489 ETH)

Matt DesLauriers known as MATTDESL is a Canadian artist, now based in the UK. He is also a Programmer. An open-source software, building tools, and library creator. 

His finest piece, “Meridian“. which sold for $33,322.66, and consisted of landscapes made from several tiny color strokes. Subscapes are a type of code-generated landscape that he often uses in his pieces.

Total Artworks Sold: 2,075

5. Victoria L (Fewocious)

Josh White – JWPictures

Current Artwork Value: $28.93Million (14,354.336 ETH)

RephraseFewocious, also known as Victoria L, is a talented crypto-art surrealist who began her artistic journey at the young age of 13. Within the NFT community, Fewocious has gained recognition for its unique posthumanist aesthetic and artistic style, seamlessly blending surrealism with a psychedelic touch. Through the clever integration of text and visuals, they create captivating artworks that are characterized by vibrant and vivid colors.

The artist has achieved significant success in selling their artworks, with a total of 3,189 pieces sold, generating a revenue of $28.39 million (14,354.336 ETH) to date. Their highest-selling artwork, titled “Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD,” surpassed the $1 million mark, fetching a price of $2.83 million on October 15, 2021.

The most recent artwork they sold, titled “BitterSweet,” fetched a price of $198.43k on April 16, 2023.

Total Artworks Sold: 3189

6. Ilja Borisovs (Shvembldr)

Ilja Borisovs

Current Artwork Value: $19.004Million (9,367.542 ETH)

Shvembldr, the TBOA Club’s founder, is a Latvian artist living in Spain. His pieces resemble planets in space, while others resemble objects seen via a telescope. The $300.4K sale of Portal 03 included a multicolored, kaleidoscope-style picture. Purchasing Portal 03 granted the buyer access to the TBOA Club along with, complete ownership of the NFT. The club is a closed community filled with other generative artists.

All of his property was seized On February 10, 2022, by the Latvian police. The reason for this arrest was money laundering through an elaborate illegal scheme. He made a website called “Art is Crime“, where he explained everything about on this topic.

Total Artworks Sold: 3,635

7. Monica Rizzoli

Monica Rizzoli

Total Artwork Value: $18.81Million (9,357.056 ETH)

Monica Rizzoli lives in Portugal. Renowned for her collection of “Fragments of an Infinite Field“, Rizzoli is a generative artist.

Her artwork features a stunning color scheme that seamlessly blends the actual world with the abstract. Her NFTs are mostly centered on naturistic themes and floral motifs. She sold her most expensive NFT, which is included in the Fragments of an Infinite Field collection, for $18,370.36 (9.137 ETH). 

Total Artworks Sold: 1,026

8. Kjetil Golid

Kjetil Golid rising nft artist

Current Artwork Value: $18.80Million (9,379.656 ETH)

Kjetil Golid is a Norwegian system developer and generative artist who has a strong interest in data structures and algorithms.

The most expensive item in his collection was an Archetype. The Archetype collection by Golid consists of various geometric squares and rectangles in shades of red and brown. Many liked Golid’s Archetype collection about an otherworldly planet that can be seen as both utopian and nightmarish. The colors used in this collection are visually captivating, exuding a sense of power and tranquility.

Released in the form of 1/1 NFT plus Fine Art Print, a new series of 8 distinct works. “A2 Change of Basis” was on display from October 13–22 during the preview of the “Node to Node” Art Salon in Paris. 

Total Artworks Sold: 3,586

9. Piter Pasma

Piter Pasma

Current Artwork Value: $12.48Million (6,228.507 ETH)

Piter Pasma is a programmer and generative artist who is most renowned for his series “Two Cursors, One File.” In addition, he is the main organizer of #Genuary2022, a generative art project that runs for a month and involves artists producing a work every day in response to 31 well-chosen challenges. The generative artist draws inspiration from randomness in the world and utilizes it as his creative power by experimenting with codes and complexity. Pasma has had 1,241 art sales, averaging $17,646.99 per work. 

Pasma impacts the conventional art style and elevates his work by producing sculptures and digital art. “Skulptuur”, the highest bid, sold for $22,035.54.

Total Artworks Sold: 1,241

10. Blake Kathryn

Current Artwork Value: $3.406Million (1,694.533 ETH)

Kathryn is a well-known NFT artist because of her famous art “ICONIC CRYPTO QUEEN”. Which was sold for $ 1.1 million (552.701 ETH). Her other renowned works are “Hot Bot Summer” $104.9K (50.089 ETH), and “Temporal Palace” $26K (12.412 ETH). She is based in Los Angeles. Kathryn is a 3d artist with a surreal futurist aesthetic.

Total Artworks Sold: 911

Innovative Techniques of Rising NFT Artists

The world of NFT art is not just about digitizing traditional art forms. It’s about reimagining what art can be through innovative techniques. Rising NFT artists are pushing the boundaries by employing a range of methods that were previously unimaginable in the traditional art world. From generative art algorithms that create unique pieces every time to interactive artworks that change based on viewer participation, these artists are exploring new frontiers. Some are blending physical and digital mediums, offering NFTs that correspond to tangible artworks, or using augmented reality to bring their digital creations to life in the physical world. Some individuals are exploring the possibilities of NFTs by incorporating narrative and storytelling elements, producing collections that evolve based on the choices made by their collectors. These innovative approaches go beyond showcasing technological advancements and signify a significant transformation in the conception, creation, and appreciation of art.

The Impact of Rising NFT Artists on Digital Art Markets

The emergence of rising NFT artists has had a transformative impact on digital art markets. Their work has not only introduced a new medium of artistic expression but also created a new market ecosystem. NFTs have enabled digital artists to monetize their work in ways that were previously difficult, if not impossible, in the digital space. This has led to a significant increase in the valuation of digital art, with some NFTs selling for millions of dollars.

Additionally, NFTs have democratized the art market, allowing artists to sell their work directly to collectors without the need for intermediaries like galleries or auction houses. This shift has not only empowered artists but also attracted a new demographic of art collectors, many of whom are younger and more tech-savvy than traditional art buyers. In addition, the NFT market is also fostering a sense of community among artists and collectors, with platforms and social media channels dedicated to NFT art creating spaces for discussion, collaboration, and promotion. The impact of rising NFT artists on digital art markets signifies a pivotal moment in the art world, blending creativity with technology to open up new avenues for artists and collectors alike.

The Future of Art: Rising NFT Artists Leading the Charge

As we’ve explored the incredible journeys of these ten rising NFT artists, it’s clear that they are not just part of a fleeting trend but are actively shaping the future of art. Their innovative use of blockchain technology to create and distribute digital art has opened up new possibilities for artistic expression, ownership, and appreciation.

The artists are driving the movement that is altering the bounds of the art world, however, it also shows that digital art is a big financial opportunity in addition to being a viable form of creative expression. The impact of these pioneering individuals extends beyond their impressive sales figures; they are inspiring a new generation of artists to explore the vast potential of NFTs. As we look to the future, one thing is certain: the world of art will continue to evolve, and these rising NFT artists will be at the forefront, guiding its direction and continuing to surprise us with their creativity and innovation.


What is NFT art?

Digital assets that are held on a blockchain and represent content or even physical items are referred to as non-fungible token (NFT) art. NFTs can represent digital paintings, drawings, music, movies, poetry, books, and other art mediums. Artists can rent or sell their creations online thanks to NFT art.

Metaverse. One of the most important NFT developments for 2023 and beyond is the metaverse, which is centered around non-fungible tokens. It is anticipated that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will lower entrance barriers into the metaverse, a universe of linked virtual worlds.

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