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India going to be a bigger iPhone market than China by 2027

Apple's long-term investment in India is starting to show results, with revenue jumping 42% to $8.7 billion in 2023. This represents a significant milestone, as India's iPhone market is now larger than any individual European Union country.Why India Is a Better Market For iPhone Than China?Key Takeaways:iPhone shipments in...
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5 Must-Have Smart Lighting Brands In 2024 – Supercharge Your Home

Smart lighting is a dazzling innovation. It's revolutionizing the way we experience our homes, one bulb at a time. But picking the right brand is not easy as there are brands with so many eye-catching options. Do not worry! We're here to help you explore the top 5 brands...
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Top 6 Smart Kitchen Appliances Brands of 2024

The kitchen is the center of every home, but in 2024 it will be more than just a regular kitchen—it will be a smart kitchen, where everyday cooking and innovation come together. The demand for smart kitchen appliances is growing rapidly, moving from a luxury product to a necessary...
Smart Lock Featured image

5 Must-Have Smart Locks in 2024 for a Protected Home

Have you ever stood at your front door, balancing grocery bags and searching through your bag for keys, or worse, in the pouring rain? It's not enjoyable, and we've all been there. However, what if I told you that those times might come to an end? Welcome to the...
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10 Air Purifiers in 2024 to Supercharge Your Home’s Wellbeing

With pollution increasing and more people getting allergies these days, it's really important to keep the air inside our homes clean. Air purifiers are super helpful for this. They help us fight against stuff like dust, pollen, smoke, and pet hair that can make allergies worse. By trapping these...