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Top 6 Smart Kitchen Appliances Brands of 2024

The kitchen is the center of every home, but in 2024 it will be more than just a regular kitchen—it will be a smart kitchen, where everyday cooking and innovation come together. The demand for smart kitchen appliances is growing rapidly, moving from a luxury product to a necessary feature in modern homes. This development is completely transforming the way we engage with our kitchen environments, not just improving convenience.

These developments in cooking technology, coming up in 2024, are more than simply products. They’re doors to a new era in cooking. Six innovative brands—LG, Samsung, Breville, Anova Culinary, Ninja Kitchen, and Thermomix—are leading this charge. These companies have each established a specific market segment for themselves in the smart kitchen industry, delivering modern technology directly to our kitchen counters.

There’s an obvious excitement about what 2024 holds. We are considering smart appliances and looking forward to innovations that will completely transform cooking and make it easier, pleasurable, and intuitive. With their cutting-edge features and modern technology, these top six smart kitchen appliance brands are leading the way for the future of cooking. We’ll get further into how they work in this article. Ready to learn how these brands are setting the standard for culinary innovation going forward, rather than just keeping up with the trends.

LG’s Smart Kitchen

LG smart kitchen

With the help of LG’s smart kitchen appliances, cooking will no longer feel like a duty but rather like an enjoyable experience. Let’s take a look inside LG to see what makes them stand out in the field of smart kitchens.

InstaView ThinQ

Have you ever wished for a refrigerator that could do more than just keep food cold? Living proof of this is the LG InstaView ThinQ. You are speaking about saving energy and avoiding those late-night snack raids! Imagine being able to peek inside by simply tapping on a stylish, integrated touchscreen instead of opening the door! But it’s more than simply a stylish spy. With the help of AI-powered cameras, the InstaView ThinQ can scan your groceries and suggest recipes depending on what’s inside. You’ll have limitless cooking ideas at your fingertips and will have no more recipe worries. Furthermore, it easily connects with your smart home system, enabling voice control of the fridge’s temperature and other settings.

AI Steps Up to Take the Lead in Your Kitchen

LG innovates with products other than refrigerators. Their AI-powered ovens automate the cooking process by modifying temperatures and settings according to the food you’re making. Always imagine tenderly grilled chicken and juicy steaks that melt in your tongue. And recall the times when you had to wait forever for preheating? With LG’s ovens, preheating begins just by saying the word, making those weeknight meals even quicker.

User Experience Is a Priority

LG places a high priority on simplifying your life and improving the enjoyment of your kitchen. They are not simply about technology. The cooking experience is made smooth by their elegant designs, user-friendly interfaces, and voice control capabilities. Consider their range cooker with an integrated air fryer, it eliminates the need to switch between appliances and offers both crispy fries and juicy roasts in a single, convenient device.

LG is a brand you should look at if you’re searching for smart kitchen equipment that gives more than just functionality, considering cooking to be genuinely upgraded. Cooking will be easy, delicious, and undeniably elegant in the future thanks to their focus on innovation, user-friendliness, and sleek design. We’re confident you’ll love these smart kitchen appliances.


Don’t take our word for it – see what others are saying!

“The LG InstaView ThinQ has completely transformed my kitchen,” says Sarah B., a home cook and LG enthusiast. “Not only does it look amazing, but the built-in screen and recipe recommendations are a game-changer. I’m eating healthier and more adventurous meals thanks to this fridge!” (Source: LG Customer Review, 2023)

“I used to dread cooking, but LG’s AI-powered oven has made it so much fun!” says John M., a tech-savvy chef. “The automatic settings take all the guesswork out of roasting and baking, and it preheats so quickly. Now, cooking is relaxing!” (Source: LG Case Study, 2024)

Samsung: Smart Living, Brilliant Cooking

Step into the world of Samsung smart kitchen appliances, where elegant style and cutting-edge technology create a kitchen that inspires culinary ideas and offers effortless comfort.

Family Hub

Sumsung smart kitchen appliances

Imagine a refrigerator that can serve as both a colorful and dynamic screensaver for your life as well as a simple freezing box. With its built-in touchscreen that allows you to see inside without opening the door, stream music and videos while cooking, and even access personalized recipe recommendations depending on what’s on hand, Samsung’s Family Hub redefines the refrigerator. Talking about multitasking gadgets. It’s like having a kitchen assistant who also serves as your entertainment hub!

Smart Kitchens, Easier Lives

Samsung’s smart brand goes well beyond the refrigerator. Their ovens adapt to your preferences, adjusting temperatures and settings to consistently produce effortlessly roasted chickens and tender steaks. Their robot vacuums maintain a clean floor while their air fryers quickly prepare juicy wings and crispy fries. Additionally, thanks to its seamless integration into your smart home system, you can use your voice to operate anything from your dishwasher to your oven.

Samsung promotes innovation via style, as evidenced by their awards, as they don’t simply speak the talk. Their Customized AITM ovens earned them recognition as a CES 2024 Innovation Award recipient, and they are continuously pushing the limits of what is imaginable. Additionally, their modern, simplistic designs — which come in a variety of colors and finishes — ensure that your kitchen will look as stunning as it functions.

Samsung is aware of the delights of cooking and spending time with family and friends. Their appliances are meant to make cooking easier, more delicious, and more pleasurable. Samsung’s smart kitchen makes it easy to make memorable dinner parties and quickly prepare weeknight meals. It lets you make memories that go beyond simply cooking.

Samsung is the company to choose if you’re searching for smart kitchen appliances that will not only provide you with cutting-edge features but also enhance your cooking experience with convenience and style. Samsung is revolutionizing the kitchen of the future, with its variety of connected ovens, air fryers, and award-winning Family Hub refrigerators.


“Samsung’s smart appliances have completely transformed my kitchen,” says Emily K., a busy professional and home cook. “The Family Hub’s recipe suggestions have helped me become more adventurous in the kitchen, and the seamless smart home integration saves me so much time. My Samsung appliances are more than just gadgets, they’re my kitchen companions!” (Source: Samsung Customer Review, 2024)

Breville: Cook Confidently

Visit the world of Breville, where one delicious dish at a time, user-friendly interfaces, and precise cooking technologies turn you from a cooking beginner to a cooking expert.

Breville is a company that creates incredible experiences, not simply products. For instance, consider the Smart Grinder Pro. This isn’t just any coffee grinder, either. It functions as your coffee maker, analyzing beans, modifying the amount of the grind, and even suggesting brewing

Breville smart kitchen appliances

methods according to your favorite flavor and intensity. Imagine waking up to the aroma of a brewed coffee that is precisely customized for your taste preferences.

Mastering the Art of Cooking in Any Kitchen With Breville

However, Breville’s brilliance goes far beyond the coffee bar. Their toasters use cutting-edge algorithms that guarantee consistently delicious outcomes. Their blenders turn frozen berries into smooth smoothies in a matter of seconds by crushing ice. In addition, even those of us who suffer in the kitchen can easily prepare dishes fit for a restaurant because of the user-friendly controls and stylish designs.

The Breville Smart Kitchen Advantage 

Breville is the company to choose if you’re searching for smart kitchen appliances that will enable you to maximize your cooking abilities while providing modern technology. Breville aims to eliminate uncertainty in cooking by providing customized coffee perfection and effortless restaurant-quality meals through precise cooking appliances. This allows you to enjoy cooking and make great memories in the kitchen.


“Breville has completely changed my mornings,” says Sarah M., a busy professional. “The Smart Grinder Pro takes the guesswork out of coffee, and now I have barista-quality lattes every day. It’s like having my coffee shop at home!” (Source: Breville Customer Survey, 2023)

And it’s not just coffee lovers who sing Breville’s praises. Chef Michael L., known for his vibrant fusion cuisine, credits Breville’s food processors with his signature smooth sauces and creamy dips. “The precision and power they offer are unmatched,” he says. “They’ve become an essential part of my kitchen arsenal.” (Source: Breville Blog Interview, 2024)

Anova Culinary

Anova Culinary uses sous vide technology to transform your kitchen into a lab of cooking perfection. Sous vide isn’t limited to expensive restaurants anymore. Leading the way, Anova Culinary has made this professional process affordable for home cooks like you and me. 

What does this “sous vide” mean? Imagine yourself putting your meal in a well-regulated water bath to ensure that it cooks at the ideal, consistent temperature.

What is the outcome? Vegetables cooked perfectly, juicy, tender proteins, and a consistency that would make any high-class chef envious.

AN500 Nano

Anova AN500 Nano

Their flagship AN500 Nano is more than simply a stylish sous vide appliance. It’s an AI-powered kitchen assistant. With the help of its user-friendly software, it evaluates ingredients, recommends cooking temperatures and times, and even guides you through the entire process. Perfectly prepared masterpieces every time—no more guesswork.

Anova’s vacuum sealers guarantee fresh, perfectly cooked meals every time, and their immersion circulators provide affordable ways to get into the sous vide realm of reality. You’ll be creating cooking wonders like sous vide expert in no time with all this equipment at your disposal.

Anova Culinary wants to encourage you to discover the potential of both your kitchen and your culinary skills, rather than simply providing devices. One precisely prepared dinner at a time, Anova is turning sous vide into a household name with its emphasis on accuracy, simplicity of use, and amazing outcomes.


“Since discovering Anova, I’ve gone from kitchen klutz to culinary hero,” says Tom R., a self-proclaimed foodie. “The AN500 Nano is so easy to use, even I can cook restaurant-quality meals. My family can’t get enough of my sous vide salmon and chicken!” (Source: Anova Culinary Customer Review, 2023)

And it’s not just about ease of use. Anova’s commitment to precision and quality pays off in mouthwatering results. “The difference in texture and flavor is unbelievable,” says professional chef Sarah K. “Anova’s sous vide technology unlocks flavors I never knew existed in my ingredients.” (Source: Anova Culinary Case Study, 2024)

Ninja Kitchen

Give up managing a ton of devices in your kitchen! With Ninja Kitchen’s multipurpose, multifunctional engines that can combine pressure cooking, air frying, and more—all in one stylish, convenient package—Ninja Kitchen is here to make your cooking activities.

Multifunctional Smart Kitchen Appliance: Foodi Power Pitcher XL

Ninja's smart kitchen appliances

For instance, consider the Foodi Power Pitcher XL. This isn’t the blender that your grandma used. It’s a multifunctional smart kitchen appliance that can make crispy air fryer delights out of frozen veggies within minutes, and creamy smoothies the next. It can even pressure-cook juicy barbecued pork. The Foodi Power Pitcher XL simplifies dinner preparation with its user-friendly controls and sleek appearance, leaving you with impressively delicious results.

However, Ninja Kitchen’s toolset isn’t limited to blenders. Their barbecue grills provide restaurant-quality golden-brown perfection in your home’s backyard, while their air fryers provide healthy crispy fries and delicious wings in an instant.  Their focus on affordability and user-friendly features makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their skill level, to enjoy exquisite cuisine, even in the home kitchen.

The Impact of Ninjas: Beyond Machines

Ninja Kitchen is a place you need to go if you’re looking for kitchen appliances that offer power, performance, and value. They’re more than just appliances; they’re cooking buddies that enable you to prepare effortless dinners for the week, impress guests with exquisite meals, and discover the pleasure of cooking.


From Weeknight Warriors to Weekend Gourmets: “The Ninja Foodi has been a game-changer for my busy family,” says Emily M., a working mom of two. “I can get a healthy, delicious dinner on the table in minutes, without sacrificing flavor or quality. It’s like having a personal chef in my kitchen!” (Source: Ninja Kitchen Customer Review, 2024)

And it’s not just about convenience. Ninja appliances unlock culinary creativity. “My Ninja air fryer has inspired me to explore new recipes and experiment with different cuisines,” says John C., a food enthusiast. “The possibilities are endless, and the results are always impressive.” (Source: Ninja Kitchen Case Study, 2023)


Welcome an elegant one-stop kitchen hub, wave goodbye to the mess of large appliances, and discover endless culinary possibilities. Let us introduce you to Thermomix, the multipurpose robot that can replace a whole bunch of appliances and turn your kitchen space into a Kitchen control center.

One Device, Infinite Uses: Thermomix TM6

Thermomix TM6 - smart kitchen appliances

Don’t spend time using multiple pots for chopping, mixing, kneading, and boiling. The Thermomix TM6 can do it all. With a touch of a button and the assistance of its user-friendly touchscreen, this amazing appliance cooks creamy delicious meals, chops onions with ninja-like perfection, kneads dough to melt-in-mouth goodness, and even makes fluffy cookies. A tiny powerhouse that offers unlimited delights instead of endless dishes to clean.

The goal of Thermomix is to enable everyone to cook with confidence. Precise measurements are guaranteed by its inbuilt scales, and its guided recipes lead you through each step, from chopping to boiling, as if a virtual sous chef were whispering cooking tips in your ear. With Thermomix as their reliable partner, even the most culinary beginners can cook recipes suitable for a luxurious restaurant.


Space Saver, Time Saviour, Flavor Enhancer: “Since getting my Thermomix, my kitchen feels like a zen oasis,” says Anna L., a busy professional. “It’s replaced at least five appliances, giving me back precious counter space and saving me endless cleaning time. Plus, the food I make tastes incredible – my family can’t get enough of my Thermomix pasta and curries!” (Source: Thermomix Customer Review, 2023)

And it’s not just about space and time. Thermomix’s built-in heating element and precise temperature control unlock a world of flavor possibilities. “My Thermomix has taken my cooking to the next level,” says Michael F., a passionate foodie. “The slow-cooked stews are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the perfectly steamed vegetables retain their vibrant colors and nutrients. It’s truly a game-changer.” (Source: Thermomix Case Study, 2024)


So, when you start with your smart kitchen adventure, keep in mind that selecting the ideal brand involves more than simply looking at features and specifications—it also involves finding the right cooking partner. Do you long for Breville’s elegant minimalist design and customized coffee magic? Or is it Anova Culinary’s user-friendly precision and expertise with sous vide that attracts you? Maybe Ninja Kitchen’s budget-friendly prices and wide range of culinary options reach your inner foodie. And who could resist Thermomix, your virtual sous chef in a box—an all-in-one appliance?

Ultimately, the best smart kitchen appliances are those that fit in smoothly with your daily routine, improve your cooking, and make you happy while working in the kitchen. So, research, evaluate, and select the appliances that best fit your needs, tastes, and culinary desires.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences! Tell us about your favorite smart kitchen appliances, your most used brands, and any queries you may have when thinking about this tech-enhanced smart cooking in the comments section below.

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